Intellectual Property

The firm’s main area of expertise is in Patents and Trademarks, representing clients in the United States and throughout the world. Pearson & Pearson’s Intellectual Property expertise covers every aspect of national and international Patent, Trademark and Copyright laws for clients across a wide range of industries.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in investigating, procuring and enforcing intellectual property rights world wide as well as in licensing and other business transactions in which intellectual property and technology are key components.

Protect Your Ideas & Inventions


Trademark & Copyright Protection

Global expertise in Patents & Trademarks, representing clients in the areas of ligiation and protection of patent laws.

Areas Of Specialization And Success

Our attorneys have the experience to represent clients in a wide range of technologies, including automated machinery, computer software and hardware, electronics and electrical circuits, multi-user communication systems, materials, piezoelectric sensors, medical devices, imaging spectrometer systems, optical devices and filters, fryers and ovens, textile processes and machines, CATV distribution systems, folding paper box machinery, and we have associates that handle nanotechnology, biotechnology and chemical cases.

Areas Of Specialization

       Our expertise includes the following:

  • Preparation and prosecution of U.S. and International patent applications;

  • U.S. and International trademark applications;

  • Copyright protection;

  • Patent and Trademark Searching and Opinions;

  • Litigation and Licensing;

  • Patent and Trademark Infringement and validity investigations;

  • Enforcement of patents, trademarks and copyrights; and

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International patent applications.

Why Obtain A Patent Attorney?

A patent is a complex document which requires knowledge of the definitions of certain products, ideas or trade secrets in technology, software design and even weapons. This list in not all inclusive. Whatever one can imagine may be patentable subject matter for exclusive protection.

Only some inventions are patentable resulting in utility patents, design patents and plant patents. Utility patents protect the functional aspects of inventions such as machines, manufactured articles, composition matter and processes. Design patents protect the appearance of a product.

A reputable patent attorney is familiar with all aspects of Intellectual Property such as providing protectoion with Patents, Trademark and Copyrights or protecting trade secrets and prevents someone from duplicating, selling or benefitting from your work. A good attorney will walk you through the legal process. Applying for any patent and trademark or copyright protection is key.


Our attorneys have the experience to represent clients in a wide range of technologies, Including:

CATV Distribution
Optical Filter Devices
Computer Software Drug sample distribution method & System
Fryers and Ovens
Extraction of hydrocarbon fuels
Electronic Devices
Textile Processes
Imaging Spectrometer-Airborne multi camera imaging systems
Automated Machinery
Medical applications for healthcare providers
Textile Machines
Different Materials
Multi-User Communication Systems
Medical Devices
Phased array radar, and antennas and systems
Piezoelectric Sensors
Electrical Circuits & Systems
Fuel usage and monitoring devices
Optical Devices
Paper Box Machinery

All Of The Firm’s Patent Attorneys Are Registered To Practice Before The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office And Are Admitted To Practice Before the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal District Courts.